Charon Suite by José Quintero 

The Charon Suite series by Jose depicts the ongoing voyage of Charon ferrying a young girl across the River Styx, carrying her by boat, train, flying boat, and I dunno, some sort of steampunkified Deathcycle with commode. Perhaps they got lost along the way or maybe they’re just taking the scenic route through beautiful downtown Hades, but it seems they are perpetually traveling to a conclusion that ever eludes them, a final resting place that appears to be a restless. Still, the old adage that it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey rings especially true here, as just because your eternal soul is being shepherded across the land of the dead, you’re still entitled to stop and appreciate the sights along the way. Check out Jose’s DA page below to download any of these images as wallpapers.

Artist: DeviantArt / Facebook